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Quality assurance

Our winegrowers are proud of the wines they make. They want to make sure they can protect and preserve the quality of their wines, which have been made for thousands of years. Sustainable agriculture has been put into practice for a number of years, to respect the environment and promote better products.

Our winegrowers have put in place a collaborative work which defines the wine making process required as well as the storage process. Its role is to guarantee the quality and traceability of the wine, year after year, by controlling each stage in the production process and respecting traditions, in order to provide customer satisfaction. Traceability is a guarantee of quality, ensuring transparency and the recording of every operation from the vine to the cellar.

Our major concern is earn and keep the satisfaction of our national and international customers. To maintain and improve this partnership, for a number of years now we have been committed to a certification procedure: IFS Certification.

Our ambition is to set a benchmark for quality against which the other wine producers in the Languedoc will be compared.

To achieve this status we have four main goals :

  • Continuously improving the quality of our products
  • Improving our internal organisation
  • Continuously improving the quality of the services we provide
  • Improving employee satisfaction and commitment

At Chantovent, respecting our customers also means ensuring the quality of our products and maintaining our traditions.

« We want our business to remain rooted in the Mediterranean, friendly, open and tolerant, simple, generous, and always striving to improve the taste of our products. »