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In the beginning…

In the 16th century, Jean d’Alibert, a monk from the Caunes-Minervois region, helped develop the vineyards in the area. Today we can still see numerous traces of his influence, the most obvious being that his abbey has become a famous restaurant specialising in regional dishes. To pay homage to him, we have developed our own brand under the name Jean d’Alibert. Today, it is one of our key labels.


The creation of the Haut Minervois Winegrowers Union…

The Jean d’Alibert Group covers the complete activity from wine production to sales and commercialisation. We brought together 1,200 winegrowers to create the Haut Minervois Winegrowers Union. For more than 20 centuries all of their passion has gone into their 6,500 wine barrels. The Celliers Jean d’Alibert was created to bottle the wines directly in their region of production, with Chantovent being responsible for marketing and the commercial side of the business. This collaboration is based on the needs of our consumers who want quality products based on the skills and know-how of winegrowers who are passionate about the richness of their terroir and natural environment and their attachment to their vines.

Discover our Cellars…

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