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The Group Jean d’Alibert

Based in the heart of the Languedoc wine growing area, our group’s main aim is to be an important actor in the production and distribution of AOC wines from the region. To this end, the group brings together some 1,200 winegrowers with 6,000 hectares of vines and a global production of 380,000 hectolitres per year.

The group covers the whole range of Languedoc appellation wines, and has developed in particular a range of Minervois wines, from low priced “Premiers Prix” wines up to Domaines and Châteaux bottled wines. The Jean d’Alibert Group, whose President is Michel Agnel, is presently the majority shareholder in our company and had Sales of around €50 million in 2015. The group includes the Haut Minervois Winegrowers Union with 6 cellars and 17 domaines and châteaux which supply wines in bulk, and the Celliers Jean d’Alibert society, a bottling plant located in the wine producing region which works mostly with Chantovent.

The variety of our terroirs, natural environments and grape varieties, associated with a controlled wine making process, allows us to guarantee our consumers a regularity in the selection and authenticity of the products we propose. To do that, we carry out with pride our marketing policy based around the terroir and authenticity.Under the signature « Jean d’Alibert », the premier label of the Minervois wines, we commit to produce the best wines possible to accompany quality dishes every day, for everybody.